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Red Crown Plastic Valve Stem Covers - Set of 5

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Red Crown Plastic Valve Stem Covers - Set of 5

Here we have a SET of 5 Red Crown Valve Stem Covers. They are made of quality RED sturdy plastic .

Blue dot taillights, Fulton sun shields, exotic radiator mascots, and Red Crown Valve Caps - all accessory items of automobile memorabilia from another time. These accessories, due to their scarcity to certain parts of the country or short availability, are rare and cherished items to the modern day auto enthusiast.

The Red Crown symbol first appeared on visible type gas pumps in the late 20s and early 30s. There were two different glass globes which were molded to the shape of a crown. Both globes were made from white glass. One was accent painted with red, while the other remained completely white in color. The white globe represented the Ethyl product and the red globe was used to signify the Regular gasoline.

This theme of Red Crown and White Crown globes was used from the late 20s through 1960. Standard Oil was very active during this span in promoting the various changes and additions to their product lines. One popular promotion was the Red Crown Valve Cap. Although these caps were offered to patrons for many years, they have become a very rare and hard to find accessory item today. They were formed from a red plastic material in the same crown shape of the glass globe, and were threaded to fit the valve stem in place of the regular air cap, much like these reproduction caps. 

Through the years the Red Crown valve caps were very popular, and were seen on many vehicles. Authentic reproductions of the Red Crown Valve Caps are now offered to the automotive trade, and have been warmly received by many automobile collectors throughout the country as an important, nostalgic accessory for their vehicles. 
Dress up your classic car, truck, motorcycle, or even golf cart.

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PT Cruiser Red Crown PLASTIC Valve Stem Covers 5pc
PT Cruiser Red Crown PLASTIC Valve Stem Covers 5pc
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Red Crown Plastic Valve Stem Covers - Set of 5

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