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Diamond Core Drill and Blue Glass Dot KIT 3 PC

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Diamond Core Drill and Blue Glass Dot KIT 3 PC

Here we have a Diamond Core Drill for use with Blue Glass Dots. This listing includes (1) drill and (2) blue glass dots and (2) stainless steel bezels for the glass dots.

Please use care and follow instructions completely when utilizing the diamond core drill. If you are attempting to drill a rare or valuable lens (or any lens) with this drill bit, please realize there is a very real possibility that the lens will be broken or chip. Even if you are careful this can happen. This is a job for an adult with shop experience and common sense.

Reduced drill speeds, low drill pressure and increased use of water lubrication will extend drill bit life considerably.

Lubrication and drill pressure must be considered when determining the proper drill speed. A faster drill speed or increased pressure may reduce the cutting time slightly, but it will also increase the friction significantly and heat up the bit, reducing the bit life considerably and increasing the risk of heat fractures and material breakage. Please do your research before drilling.

We have included instructions from the manufacturer on the process of drilling glass, and have also included a photo of the instructions in the listing.

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Diamond Drill & Blue Dot KIT - 3 PC

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