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GUIDE Traffic Light Viewer

GUIDE Traffic Light Viewer

This is a nicely made GUIDE traffic light viewer. It is chrome-plated with attachment hardware. The viewer is made of cast Polycarbonate plastic. The Guide brand is imprinted on the metal holder.....this is a quality piece. Looks great on your classic or hot rod car and truck. If you have a Fulton style sun visor or have a chopped top these work well.

Here is how it works:
"The Guide traffic light viewer works on the prism principal to reflect a clear image of overhead traffic lights. No stooping, squatting or squinting is necessary...a quick glance in the viewer tells whether light is red or green. The plastic prism in chrome plated base mounts on top of the instrument panel directly ahead of driver seat. This part is useful to many drivers even without a Sun Visor on the car."

The GM suggested installation requires that you drill a hole in the dash board to fasten this item correctly........but I have seen these installed with a heavy duty suction cup also.

more photos
guide traffic light more pics
guide traffic light more pics
 Only  $18.95
Guide Traffic Light Viewer
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