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Chrome Winged Bullet Air Cleaner 1 BBL 2 5/16" LV - 2 Pieces

Chrome Winged Bullet Air Cleaner 1 BBL 2 5/16" LV - 2 Pieces

This is a chromed steel air cleaner(s). These are NEW! In the listing title it will tell the neck size on the carburetor it will fit and how many you will get. (2 5/16” or 2 5/8” and 1p, 2p or 3p) We sell many styles of these for that Old classic car & truck, Rat Hot Rods, lead sleds or KooL Custom vehicle. They are sometimes called “Bee Hive”, “Mushroom” or “Hot Rod” air cleaners. These measure 4 5/8” in overall diameter and approximately 3 5/8” high without the bullet or spinner top. They come with a paper and metal screen element that is 2” high by 4” in diameter. I also sell the replacement filters or they are available as most hot rod or auto parts stores. These are very nostalgic and take you back to the days of the “Cal Custom” products. Well made and priced right. We have listing / auctions for these in individual, sets of 2 or sets of 3. Some of the carburetors these will fit are Stromberg, Carter, Holly, and others…….it is up to you to measure your carburetor for the correct neck size needed before ordering.

This is what you will get for each assembly in this listing:

Air cleaner top

Air cleaner base

Paper & metal mesh replaceable filter element

Attachment clamp

The Bolt or screw to attach the top to the base.

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Chrome WInged Bullet Air Cleaner 1 BBL 2 5/16 LV - 2 Pieces
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